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Uniden BR330T Firmware Revision Notes 1.06.02

As part of Uniden's commitment to the continued support of the BR330T, Uniden has, from time to time, issued firmware updates. This update contains major enhancements to the BR330T that directly reflect requests from our customers. Please take a few minutes to read all of these instructions before applying the update.


What is Changed by This Update?

This firmware update makes the following improvements to your BR330T scanner.

Previous Update 1.03.06

Previous Update 1.01.05

Backing Up Your Scanner

While it doesn't happen often, it is possible that applying a firmware update could affect some of your scanner's programmed settings or systems. We recommend you make a full backup of your scanner's programming and configuration before you apply the update. Follow these quick steps to make a backup of your BR330T programming using Uniden Advanced Scanner Director (UASD):

  1. Install (if necessary) and run UASD.
  2. From the top menus, select Setup --> Options.
  3. Set the COM port to the port you've connected the BR330T to and select the baud rate that matches your scanners Settings-->PC Control setting and then click OK.
  4. Select Connect to Scanner from the left function bar.
    The software will begin to read the contents of your scanner.
  5. When UASD finishes reading from the scanner, select Save from the top function bar.

Make sure the check boxes next to Save Configuration, Save Selected Systems, and Replace existing files with same names are checked, then enter a name for your configuration in the text box next to Save Configuration as:, the click OK.

Installing BC_VUP v2.0.0.7

You must install the latest version of BC_VUP in order to apply the rebanding update. To install the update, click and save the file to a directory on your hard drive. Then, unzip that file and run BC_VUP_V2.0.0.7.exe and follow any prompts you receive. The installer will place a BC_VUP icon on your desktop.

If you have other Uniden scanners, you can use this version to apply updates for those scanners, as well (i.e. if the instructions for the other firmware update calls for an earlier version such as or, can be used with no problems).

Applying the Update

  1. Download the update by clicking Save this file to a known location on your hard drive.
  2. Extract the BR330T_V1_06_02.scn file from the zip archive. Do not rename this file.
  3. Plug your scanner into the PC's serial port (or USB-->Serial adapter if your computer does not have a native serial port). Note that you must know what COM port the scanner is assigned to in order to proceed.
  4. Click the BC_VUP icon on your desktop and follow all instructions that appear.
    NOTE: NO REGISTRATION KEY IS NEEDED FOR THIS UPDATE. You can safely ignore the prompt for the registration key.
  5. When prompted, select the BR330T_V1_06_02.scn file you downloaded above.

Update Troubleshooting

Follow these tips to troubleshoot any update problem you encounter:

Audio AGC Settings

To access these settings:

  1. Turn on the Audio AGC option.
  2. Start scanning.
  3. Hold F then tap the scroll knob until AUDIO AGC settings are displayed. See below for the setting paramaters.
  4. Rotate the scroll control to change the setting.
  5. F+rotate the scroll to select another setting.


Range: -4 to +6 (0 is default)
This parameter determines how frequently the AGC factor updates. Decreasing this value makes
AGC respond faster, but could result in "pumping." A higher value decreases the response time.

Range: -5 to +5 (0 is default)
This parameter determines the reference level that AGC attempts to adjust the volume to.

Range: 0 to 15 (6 is default)
This parameter controls the total dynamic range of the AGC adjustments. A larger value allows a
wider variation in volume.

Close Call Do-Not-Disturb

Close Call Do-Not-Disturb (DND) lets you enjoy the Close Call feature without having other transmissions interrupted every 2 seconds. When you select this mode, the scanner only performs Close Call checks when the scanner is not otherwise receiving an audio signal.

To turn on Close Call DND, press F+HOLD repeatedly until the scanner displays CC DND. Or, set the feature using the menu:

MENU --> Close Call --> Set CC Mode --> CC DND

Motorola 800 Custom Band Plan (Rebanding)

This update adds the ability to create a Motorola 800 MHz system using a custom band plan. When you create a system that has been rebanded to use the frequencies newly added for use by the FCC, you have the option now of selecting 800MHz Custom as the Motorola system type.

Once you create the system, you can set the custom band plan as follows:

  1. Edit System Option --> Edit Band Plan
  2. Select the band plan entry to edit.
  3. Set each of the following entries for the band plan:
    1. Set Base Freq (Lower and Upper)
    2. Set Offset
    3. Set Spacing

For standard rebanded systems, you need to set Band Plan 1 and Band Plan 2 as:

Band Plan

Base Freq (Lower)

Base Freq (Upper)









25 kHz






25 kHz

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