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Uniden BCD396XT Firmware Revision Notes 1.11.01


Installation Steps

Here is what you need to do to apply the 1.11.01 update.

  1. Download the latest version of BC_VUP3 (the firmware update tool) by clicking
  2. Unzip the files you downloaded in Step 1 to your desktop. Then run setup.exe to install the firmware updater. (If you previously installed a version of BC_VUP, be sure you delete the old install files before reinstalling. These files are in a "BCSS" directory.)
  3. Run the BC_VUP3 application you installed in Step 2. Follow all on-screen instructions, selecting the BCD396XT to update and the V1_11_01 version.

What is Changed by This Update?

This update improves performance on APCO Project P25 sites operating using Linear Simulcast Modulation (LSM).

Previous Updates


This update improves decoding on many P25 systems. For cases where the default settings are not optimal, the update also adds a setting that allows you to adjust the auto decode threshold limit.

To adjust the auto decode threshold limit, start with the scanner powered off. Then, follow these steps:

  1. While holding down the HOLD button, power on the scanner.
  2. Access the hidden P25 Adjust Mode menu by MENU --> Settings --> P25 Adjust Mode.
  3. Set the mode to 11, which is the optimal setting for most P25 systems. Some systems are reported to decode better at a setting of 8.
  4. If you have previously adjusted the P25 Adjust Level, reset it to a value of 50 by MENU --> Settings --> P25 Adjust Level.


This update makes the following changes to your BCD396XT scanner: Previous Update 1.07.00

Using the Unit ID Feature

The Unit ID (UID) feature lets you see the unit ID of the radio currently transmitting on Motorola, EDACS, and APCO P25 systems. To see the Unit ID, you need to first turn on the global Unit ID option in the Settings menu.

  1. Press MENU.
  2. Scroll to SETTINGS and press E/yes.
  3. Scroll to Disp. Unit ID and press E/yes.
  4. Scroll to On and press E/yes.
When turned on, in Display Modes 1 and 2 the scanner will alternate the current channel information and the Unit ID information in Line 2 of the display. In Display Mode 3, the scanner will display the Unit ID information on Line 3 of the display.

If you program a Unit ID into a channel, you can assign an Alpha to the Unit ID. You program a Unit ID just like an iCall ID (press ./no then the Unit ID).


Update Troubleshooting

Follow these tips to troubleshoot any update problem you encounter: * When prompted, be sure to turn off the scanner, remove the batteries, and hold down both the L/O and 6 buttons while plugging in the AC adapter. The backlight should come on and remain on until the end of the update.

Revised Protocol

This protocol document revises and replaces the protocol published in The Complete Reference.


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