BearTracker Warning System

The BearTracker Warning System (BWS) alerts you to nearby public safety radio activity. This can give you an advanced warning of police activity and other hazards when you are driving.

The earliest BWS implementations primarily monitored for the frequencies used by mobile radio extenders -- radio units installed in patrol cars that extended the range of the officer's handheld radio. BWS has been extended to now include the "input" frequencies used by public safety agencies in your state. These frequencies are typically only receivable when you are up to 2 miles from the unit transmitting.

Because the frequencies used vary from location to location, we've set up the scanner so that all you need to do is select what state you are in. From that point, BWS will use frequencies most often used in your state to alert you to nearby activity.

Selecting your State

To select the frequencies for your state, tap FUNC (the scroll knob) then the Volume knob. Use the scroll knob to select your state or Canadian province, then press E (or tap the scroll knob) to use your selection.

Turning on the BearTracker Warning System

To turn on the BearTracker Warning System, repeatedly press the (Bear Paw)/HP/ALT button until BT is displayed in the bottom line in the display.

When BWS is turned on, you will notice received audio cutting out about every 2 seconds as the scanner checks for public safety radio activity. If the scanner detects such activity, it alerts you using the alert you set in the Set Bear Tracker menus.

Muting BearTracker Alerts

To temporarily mute BWS alerts, tap the Squelch knob during an alert. Alerts will be muted until you tap Squelch again.

This page applies to the following scanner(s): BCT15X Users Guide