All firmware updates are applied using Sentinel. Select Update --> Update Firmware

Before applying updates, you should back up your programming. Always use the latest version of Sentinel to update.

1.21.00 Main (6/29/2022)

This firmware applies the following enhancements and bug fixes:

1.10.00 Main (4/15/2019)

This firmware applies the following enhancements and bug fixes:

1.09.02 Main (04/05/2019)

This update includes the following enhancements and bug fixes:

1.02.01 Sub / 1.08.05 Main (3/7/2019)

Be sure to also update Sentinel when applying this update.

This firmware update applies the following new settings and bug fixes:

1.07.04 Main Release Notes (01/28/2019)

1.07.02 Main Release Notes (01/25/2019)

1.07.00 Main / 1.02.00 Sub Release Notes (01/24/2019)


Note: If Auto is selected, conventional scan and search speed will be greatly slowed, as every frequency on which a signal is not detected on first pass will be rescanned using the inverted HPF setting.

MENU --> MANAGE FAVORITES --> REVIEW/EDIT SYSTEM --> EDIT SITE --> SET FILTER (Setting menu for trunked systems)

MENU --> MANAGE FAVORITES --> REVIEW/EDIT SYSTEM --> EDIT DEPARTMENT --> SET FILTER (Setting menu for conventional systems)

MENU --> SRCH/CLOCALL OPT --> SET FILTER (Setting menu for Close Call and Search)

1.05.01 Main / 1.01.05 Sub Release Notes (08/12/2018)

Regarding Site NAC Operation:

You can select (use or ignore) Site NAC of P25 Trunked Systems (including P25 OFT) in RRDB and Favorites Lists. When we added NAC support, we did not anticipate that the NAC would be incorrect in RRDB for many sites. This has caused many reports that the scanner stopped working with the new firmware (it was actually working correctly and rejecting the site traffic with the "incorrect" NAC). So, we've added an option to ignore the programmed NAC.

MENU-->Settings-->Site NAC Operation

When you set to ignore, the scanner will pass all traffic, even if the programmed NAC does not match the received NAC. If the NAC does not match, the CTCSS/DCS/NAC field in the display will show "NAC:xxxh xxxh" (Display two NACs simultaneously.)

The first xxxh is the incorrect (dB setting) NAC, and the 2nd xxxh flashes the received NAC.

1.03.01 Release Notes (06/29/2018)

The new display option allows you to see Unit ID names that are larger than a single field. The ID is provided in 4 parts. Put these fields next to each other, in order, to see the entire Unit ID.

1.02.03 Release Notes (06/01/2018)

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