Set Frequencies

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This menu lets you create frequencies and edit existing ones. All existing frequencies are listed in the order they were created: select the frequency you want to edit, or select New Frequency to create a new one. When creating frequencies, keep the following rules in mind:

Edit Frequency

Enter a valid frequency for this band. If the frequency is invalid or if it already exists, the scanner sounds an error tone and prompts you to re-enter the frequency.

Set Lockout

Determines whether the frequency will be scanned. If you lock out the frequency and the frequency is used as the control channel, the system will not be scanned.

Delete Frequency

Delete this frequency or channel and all associated settings.

New Frequency

Create a new frequency.

LTR and EDACS system options

When you're editing site frequencies within an LTR or EDACS wide or narrow system, you have the following additional options:

LCN (Logical Channel Number)

When you enter a new frequency or edit an exisitng frequency, the scanner prompts you enter a logical channel number (LCN). Enter a number from 1 through 20 for an LTR system or a number from 1 through 30 for an EDACS wide or narrow system.

EDACS SCAT system options

When you're editing site frequencies within an EDACS SCAT system, you have the following additional options:

Set Number Tag

Assign a number to this system or channel that you can use to tune directly to a specific channel. Choose a number from 0 to 999. (For more information, see Number Tags.)

Volume Offset

The scanner can automatically adjust the volume when it tunes to this channel or frequency. Enter one of the following options:

Softer No Change Louder
-3, -2, -1 0 (default) +1, +2, +3

Set Record (BCD996XT and BCT15X Only)

Turn on this option to have the scanner output transmissions from the RECORD OUT jack.

This page applies to the following scanner(s): BCD996XT BCT15X BCD396XT BC346XT BC346XTC Users Guide