Using Preloaded Systems

Your scanner is factory preloaded with some of the most listened-to systems in the US. If you are fortunate enough to live in an area where one of these systems can be received, then you might have something to listen to right out of the box. Note that the preloaded systems are not intended as final programming: You'll need to set the scanner up to suit what you really want to listen to. This is just intended to show that the scanner really works and gives you something to monitor while you get your own programming taken care of.


Turning On/Off Preloaded Systems

To turn a preloaded system on or off, press SCAN, then press ./no then the two-digit System Quick Key.

Preloaded Systems

Refer to the tables below to see the systems preloaded into your scanner.


SQK Name
21Atlanta GA
22Boston MA
23Charlotte NC
24Chicago IL
25Columbus OH
26Dallas TX
27Carrolton TX
28Garland TX
29Irving TX
30Lewisville TX
31Mesquite TX
32Richardson TX
33Fort Worth TX
34Arlington TX
35NE Tarrant TX
36Des Moines IA
37Flagstaff AZ
38Fresno CA
39Houston TX
40Iowa City IA
41Southeast Texas
42Kansas City MO
43Las Vegas NV-T
43Las Vegas NV-C
45Miami FL
47New York NY
48Norfolk VA
49Newport News VA
50Pittsburgh PA
51Portland OR
52Prescott AZ
53Nevada Shared
54Sacramento CA
55San Diego CA
56Seattle WA
57Tuscon AZ
59Wichita KS


SQK System
21 Alaska ALMR
22 Arkansas AWIN
23 Colorado DTRS
24 Connecticut State
25 Delaware
26 Georgia GEWIN
27 Idaho IIMARS
28 Illinois StarCom21
29 Indiana SAFE-T
30 Kansas KSICS
31 Louisiana LATIE
32 Mass State System
33 Michigan MPSCS
34 Mississippi MWIN
35 Montana State System
36 North Carolina VIPER
37 Nevada SRS
38 Ohio MARCS
39 Rhode Island RISCON
40 South Carolina C Palmetto 800
41 South Dakota State
42 Texas DPS
43 Utah UCAN
44 Virginia STARS
45 West Virginia WVIRP
46 WyoLink