BCD436HP TrunkTracker V Handheld Scanner

Here are a few things you need to do when you first get your scanner:

Keep the Time!

Plug in your scanner and turn it on. The first things you'll see are prompts to set the date and time. The scanner has a real-time clock with backup power that will run the clock for about 1 week. The backup power needs to charge for about 50 hours before full backup-time becomes available. If the backup source is depleted before power is restored, you will be prompted to set the time again upon power up.

Get the Latest Sentinel, Firmware, and Database

  1. Download the latest version of BCDx36HP Sentinel. BCDx36HPSentinel
  2. Unzip, then install the new version by clicking the Setup.exe file.
  3. Launch Sentinel, then select UPDATE --> Update Master HPDB.
  4. Plug your scanner into your PC using the supplied USB cable. Press E to select Mass Storage mode.
  5. From within Sentinel, select UPDATE --> Update Firmware.
  6. From within Sentinel, select Scanner--> Write to Scanner.
  7. Unplug the USB cable. The new firmware will be applied.
Release notes for firmware updates are found at BCD436HPFirmwareUpdate.

Windows Serial Drivers

If you connect the scanner to your Windows PC and select Serial mode, you will be prompted for the proper driver. Download and unzip the following file: Windows_Serial_Drivers.zip

When prompted, select the uniden_usbser.inf file.

If you are having problems installing the drivers, see the following general instructions (some steps might differ slightly, depending on your specific operating system).

  1. Download and unzip the above driver.
  2. Plug in the scanner using a USB cable.
  3. Right click on the Windows Launch icon (bottom left corner) and select "Device Manager."
  4. The device shows up with a yellow triangle.
  5. Right click on device and select "Update Driver Software."
  6. Select "Browse My Computer for Driver Software."
  7. Navigate to the folder where you have unzipped the above driver.
The driver installed and is assigned as: Uniden Serial Port (COMx)

(x) will be replaced with the actual port number.

Latest Manual

Click Here for the Latest Manual