Provoice Scanning is Here!

Uniden caps another first in scanner technology by being the first and only scanner manufacturer to add the ability to scan and monitor EDACS ProVoice trunked radio systems in their flagship BCD436HP, BCD536HP, BCD325P2, and BCD996P2 scanners. EDACS ProVoice systems are currently in use in several major market areas in North America, including:

The areas shaded in blue in the map above don't seem that big, but ProVoice systems cover over 6% of the US and Canada population (over 20,000,000 people). Up to now, the public has been virtually shut out from monitoring these public safety radio systems, leaving them in the dark when serious events happen. This update will provide inexpensive direct access for the media, other nearby agencies, and the general public so that everyone can be more informed and better prepared. Of course, for officer life and safety reasons, some channels are and should be encrypted. Channels used for Felony Warrant service, surveillance, and similar tactical channels are commonly encrypted for just this reason. But, in most areas general dispatch channels are in the clear, allowing the Public to be an integral part of Public Safety.

Paul Opitz, Director of Product Development and Marketing for Uniden and the chief architect of their scanner line adds "This is the biggest event in Radio Scanning since the introduction of our HomePatrol series in 2009 that allows you to program local channels by simply entering your zip code. We are committed to making radio scanner technology easier to use while continuing to add capabilities never before seen in the industry."

Uniden has pioneered advanced scanner features, including:

This $50 upgrade is available to all owners of Uniden's BCD436HP and BCD536HP HomePatrol Professional Series scanners as well as the BCD325P2 and BCD996P2 scanners by registering their product at Uniden Scanners are available at and other resellers nationwide.

You will need to enter your scanners Electronic Serial Number (ESN), which can be found by MENU --> Settings --> See Scanner Information.

To enter the key, once purchased, go to MENU --> Settings --> Upgrade


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