This page applies only to the BCD396XT and BC346XT. For other models see:

Set Backlight

This menu lets you configure the display and key backlight.

Set Mode

Choose how you want the backlight to operate:

10 sec The scanner keeps the backlight on for 10 seconds after the last operation.
30 sec The scanner keeps the backlight on for 30 seconds after the last operation.
Squelch The scanner turns on the backlight when a signal breaks squelch.
Keypress The scanner turns on the backlight when you press a key.
Infinite The scanner leaves the backlight on all the time.

Set Dimmer

Select the brightness of the backlight. Your options are high (brightest), middle, and low (dimmest).

Set Color

Select the color of the backlight. Your options are blue, red, magenta, green, cyan, yellow, and white.

Adjust Key Beep / Battery Low Beep

Select the volume level (Level 1 through Level 15) you want the keybeep to use, or select Auto to have the scanner sound the keybeep without changing the volume. If you don't want the scanner to beep when you press the keys, select Off. This setting also controls the battery low warning beep.

Battery Option

This menu lets you configure the advanced battery control features:

Set Battery Save

Turn the battery save feature on or off.

Set Charge Time

Enter the amount of time you want the battery to draw power while charging.

Adjust Audio AGC

Configure how the scanner handles the Automatic Gain Control (AGC) for Analog and Digital signals:

Parameter Definition Analog settings Digital settings
Response Time How frequently the AGC factor updates. Decrease this value to make AGC respond faster (but this could result in pumping). Increase this value to make AGC respond more slowly. -4 to +6 (default=0) -8 to +8 (default=0)
Reference Gain The reference level that AGC attempts to adjust the volume to. If digital and analog volumes don't match, adjust this parameter. -5 to +5 (default=0) -5 to +5 (default=0)
Gain Range The total dynamic range of the AGC adjustments. A larger value allows a wider variation in volume. 0 to 15 NA

Adjust Contrast

Select one of the 15 available contrast levels for the display. As you scroll through the options, the display adjusts to the highlighted contrast level; press YES when you see the display contrast you want to use.

Set C-CH Output

Choose how you want the scanner to output control channel data from the serial port:

Note: We recommend you only turn this option on when you are using the feature, then turn it off when you are not. Having it on when doing some actions (like using the Remote Head or using channel logging software) can interfere with the other operation.

Set GPS Format

Configure how the scanner displays position coordinates, time, and units during GPS operation:

Set Pos Format

Select how the scanner displays longitude and latitude:

Set Time Format

Select 12H for 12-hour (am/pm) time format or 24H for 24-hour time format.

Set Time Zone

Set the number of hours your local time zone differs from universal time (GMT/UTC). Select from -14 hours to +14 hours in half-hour (0.5 h) increments.

Set Unit

Select the unit used for distance: mile or kilometer (km).

Set Serial Port

Set the baud rate for the scanner's serial port. Choose from 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600 , or 115200 bps; select Off to disable the serial port.

Band Defaults

Use this menu to change the default modulation and frequency step or spacing used for each band. The scanner displays the list of available bands in the following format:

 {Frequency} : {modulation type} / {step} 
Select the frequency band you want to edit. The scanner prompts you for the following information:

Set Modulation

Select the type of modulation you want the scanner to use as the default for this band: AM, Narrowband FM (NFM), FM, Wideband FM (WFM), or FM broadcast (FMB).

Set Step

Select the number of kHz between each frequency or channel step: 5.0, 6.25, 7.5, 8.33, 10.0, 12.5, 15.0, 20.0, 25.0, 50.0, or 100.0 khz.

P25 LP Filter

This setting lets you set the scanner to apply a software filter that removes the 4kHz tone you can hear on some P25 systems. Note that turning on this setting increases the CPU load and could slightly degrade P25 decode performance on some systems.

See Scanner Info

This menu lets you see detailed information about the memory and firmware.

% Memory Used

See the percent of overall memory used ( Memory Used ) along with the number of programmed Systems, Sites , and channels ( CHN ) and the percent of available memory positions used for each.

Firmware Version

See the firmware version ( Version), the electronic serial number ( ESN), and ESN checksum of the scanner.

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