Edit Band Plan

(Motorola systems only) The scanner prompts you to choose one of the two standard band plan types: 800/900 Standard or 800 Splinter. Choose Custom if you need to create your own band plan.

Creating a custom band plan

You will need to create a custom band plan for a Motorola VHF system, Motorola UHF system, and 800 MHz Rebanded system. When you select Custom , the scanner prompts you for the following information:

Band plan number

Select one of the 6 available band plan numbers, from Band Plan 1 through Band Plan 6 .

Set Base Freq

  1. Input the lower limit of the band frequency.
  2. Input the upper limit of the band frequency.
(See Calculating upper base frequencies for more information.)

Set Offset

Enter the offset.

Set Spacing

Select the number of kHz between each channel. Your options are:

5.00 6.25 10.00 12.50 15.00 18.75 20.00 25.00
30.00 31.25 35.00 37.50 40.00 43.75 45.00 50.00
55.00 56.25 60.00 62.50 65.00 68.75 70.00 75.00
80.00 81.25 85.00 87.50 90.00 93.75 95.00 100.00

Rebanded Motorola Systems

When you create a system that has been rebanded to use the frequencies newly added for use by the FCC, you have the option now of selecting 800MHz Custom as the Motorola system type.

Once you create the system, you can set the custom band plan as follows:

  1. Edit System Option --> Edit Band Plan
  2. Select the band plan entry to edit.
  3. Set each of the following entries for the band plan:
    1. Set Base Freq (Lower and Upper)
    2. Set Offset
    3. Set Spacing
For standard rebanded systems, you need to set Band Plan 1 and Band Plan 2 as:
Band Plan Base Freq (Lower) Base Freq (Upper) Offset Polarity Spacing
1 851.0250MHz 854.0000MHz 440 + 25 kHz
2 851.0125MHz 868.9875MHz 0 + 25 kHz

This page applies to the following scanner(s): BCD996XT BCT15X BCD396XT BC346XT BC346XTC Users Guide