Edit Group

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When you create a new channel group, the scanner automatically assigns a default name of Group XX, where XX is a 2-digit sequential number (1 through 20).

Options available for all groups:

You have the following options for channel groups:

Edit Name

Enter a name or edit the existing one. Names can be 16 characters long, and they can contain upper and lower case letters, punctuation, and spaces. Turn the SELECT-VOLUME-SQUELCH knob on the handheld scanners or the SCROLL / FUNCTION knob on mobile scanners to choose the character you want, then press 6 (right cursor) to move the cursor to the next character.

Set Quick Key

Assign this group to a Quick Key so you can easily enable or disable it during scanning. Enter a number from 0 to 9; tap NO (the decimal point) if you don't want to assign this group to a Quick Key. (For more information, see Quick Keys.)

Edit Channel

Use this menu to program channel information for this group. Click on your scanner model below to go the correct Edit channel menu:

Set LocationInfo

Use this menu to program location information for this group.

Set Lockout

Decide whether you want to lock out the channel group so the scanner will ignore it during Scan and Search modes. If you lock out the channel group, all channels in the group are also ignored during Scan and Search. Choose one of the following options:

Delete Group

Delete this group and all its settings, including any channels and frequencies.

New Group

Create a new group.

This page applies to the following scanner(s): BCD996XT BCT15X BCD396XT BC346XT BC346XTC Users Guide