General Precautions

Before you use this scanner, please read and observe the following:

Earphone Warning

You can use an optional 32Ω stereo headset or earphone with your scanner. Use of an incorrect earphone or headset might be potentially hazardous to your hearing. The output of the phone jack is monaural, but you will hear it in both headphones of a stereo headset. Any external speaker connected to the headset jack should be amplified in order to produce adequate sound volume.

Set the volume to a comfortable audio level coming from the speaker before plugging in the earphone or headset. Otherwise, you might experience some discomfort or possible hearing damage if the volume suddenly becomes too loud because of the volume control or squelch control setting. This might be particularly true of the type of earphone that is placed in the ear canal.

Liquid Exposure Warning

Uniden does not represent this unit to be waterproof. To reduce the risk of fire or electrical shock, do not expose this unit to rain or moisture!

Power Disconnection Caution

Important: Always turn the scanner off before disconnecting external power. Some settings are saved only as the scanner is powering down.

This topic applies to the following scanner(s): BCD996XT BCT15X BCD396XT BC346XT BC346XTC Users Guide