State-by-State Scanning

The BCT15X comes preprogrammed with many of the channels used by local police, department of transportation, and highway patrol agencies, organized by state. You can also assign a state to the systems you program so that they can be included in State-by-State scanning.

Selecting your State

To select your state, tap FUNCTION (the scroll knob) then tap the Volume control. Rotate the scroll knob to select your state, then press E to make your selection. The scanner unlocks any systems you have set to the selected state, locks out systems that are set to a different state, and uses the current state preprogrammed data during state-by-state scanning.

Using the Built-In State-by-State Agencies

To use the built-in State-by-State agencies, repeatedly tap DOT/POL/PRI and (Bear Paw)/HP/ALT until the desired agency type's icon shows in the bottom row of the display:

PL — Local Police
DT — Department of Transportation
HP — Highway Patrol
BTBearTracker Warning System

After scanning your programmed systems, the BCT15X will scan the enabled state-by-state agencies, then resume scanning your programmed systems.

To stop State-by-State scanning, repeat the above until all four icons are turned off.
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