Updating your Scanner's Firmware

Connect your scanner to your PC. Then, in Sentinel, select UPDATE --> UPDATE Firmware. If the firmware in the scanner is not the latest version, the new firmware will be applied.

BCD436HP Firmware Update History

Version 1.28.15 Released 06/12/24

Release Notes

The following fixes and improvements have been implemented.
  1. More than 16 NXDN RANs cannot be Quick Saved.
  2. When restarting in Service Search mode or Band Scope mode, NXDN4800 cannot be decoded.
  3. NXDN9600 Full rate cannot be decoded.
  4. The P25 Phase 2 NAC was not displayed correctly on voice channels.
  5. The P25 Phase 2 Unit ID was not displayed correctly.
  6. Extend the allowing time for receiving P25/DMR/NXDN OFT.
The following fixes and improvements have been implemented.

Version 1.28.14 Released 6/25/21

ONLY use Sentinel to upgrade firmware. Some users have rendered their scanners non-functional using other update methods.

Housekeeping update to accommodate revised hardware - No functional change from 1.26.00.

1.26.00 Release Notes (04/20/2019)

Release Notes:
1. Change to disable housekeeping when scanning only one site
2. Support for displaying EA EDACS system ID
3. Fixed reboot issue with many sessions in user recording mode
4. Fixed squelch backlight issues
5. Speed up record file search
6. Improved the clarity of digital voice
7. Modified muting issue during analog reception
8. Modified the valid condition of EDACS system ID

1.23.00 Release Notes (06/12/2018)

Note that LCN finder on DMR system using RAS will not be 100% reliable, since there is no error detection on RAS systems. You might need to run several times, noting the results each time, then selecting the LCN based on all results.

1.22.00 Release Notes (06/01/2018)

1.21.00 Release Notes (05/25/2018)

1.20.00 Release Notes (05/18/2018)

Note: After applying new firmware, the TGID format for NXDN Trunk Systems will be set to the default (NEXEDGE type). When scanning an IDAS system, you will need to set the TGID to IDAS type again. If you do not, you can scan correctly, but the display will become NEXEDGE type.

1.19.00 Release Notes (05/11/2018)

1.18.00 Release Notes (05/02/2018)

1.17.00 Release Notes (04/27/2018)

1.16.00 Release Notes (04/23/2018)

1.15.00 Release Notes (04/20/2018)

1.14.00 Release Notes (03/26/2018)

1.11.31 Release Notes (7/7/2017)

1.11.20 Release Notes (11/14/2016)

Adjusted digital filter to improve P25 reception.

1.11.15 Release Notes (7/27/2016)

1.10.02 Release Notes (12/4/2015)

IMPORTANT: You must use Sentinel version 1.06.00 or later after applying this update. Download at BCD436HP.

1.09.02 Release Notes (10/27/2015)

IMPORTANT: You must use Sentinel v1.05.00 or later after applying this update. Link is at BCD436HP.

1.08.06 (September 3, 2015 Release)

1.07.04 (July, 2015 Release)

1.05.01 (April 28, 2015 Release)

1.03.00 (March 4, 2014 release)

This update addresses the following issues that were reported within the first few days of release:

1.02.07 This is the initial release version.