Srch/CloCall Opt

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This menu lets you set general options for how the scanner operates in Search and Close Call modes.

Freq Lockouts

Broadcast Screen

Choose whether you want the scanner to ignore hits on common broadcast bands. You can screen out signals on 5 preset bands and up to 10 custom bands. The preset bands are:

Your options for broadcast screening are listed below:

Set All Band On

Turn on screening for all broadcast bands and ignore any hits on these frequencies.

Set All Band Off

Turn off screening for all broadcast bands, and treat hits on these frequencies the same as any other band.

Set Each Band

Turn screening on or off for each band individually. The scanner displays the bands listed above. Select the band you want to change, then press YES to toggle the setting.

Program Band

Create up to 10 custom bands that you want the scanner to screen out hits on.

  1. Select a custom band slot (Band 1 through Band 10).
  2. When the scanner prompts you, input the lower frequency limit.
  3. When the scanner prompts you, input the upper frequency limit.
  4. Once you create the custom band, turn screening on or off the same way you did for the preset bands.

Tone/Code Search (BCD396XT and BCD996XT)

Choose whether the scanner searches an active frequency for CTCSS/DCS tones ( CTCSS/DCS Search), P25 NAC codes ( P25 NAC Search), or neither ( Off). (The scanner ignores this setting in AM, WFM, and FMB bands.)

CTCSS / DCS Search (BC346XT, BC346XTC, and BCT15X)

Choose whether the scanner searches an active frequency for CTCSS/DCS tones ( On)or not ( Off). (The scanner ignores this setting in AM, WFM, and FMB bands.)

Repeater Find

If you turn this feature on, whenever the scanner detects a signal on a common repeater input frequency, it automatically searches for that signal on the output frequency. If it finds the signal on the output frequency, the scanner displays Repeater Found and switches to monitor the output frequency.

Max Auto Store

Enter the maximum number of hits you want the scanner to store during Search and Store mode or Close Call Auto Store mode. When the number of stored hits reaches the number you enter here, the scanner stops storing hits. Enter a number from 1 to 256 .

Set Delay Time

This setting is used to set the delay time for Quick Search, Close Call, and the CC Hits system.
Set the number of seconds the scanner should wait after a transmission stops before moving on to the next channel. Select 0, 1, 2 (default), 5, 10, or 30 seconds.

To have scanner leave the channel after a designated number of seconds whether the transmission stops or not, select one of the negative values. Choose -10 seconds to have the scanner leave the channel after 10 seconds even if the transmission is still going on; choose -5 seconds or -2 seconds to have the scanner leave after 5 seconds or 2 seconds, respectively.

Set Attenuator

Turn on attenuation to reduce the signal strength by 20 dB. When you turn on this setting, all frequencies in Quick Search mode, Close Call mode, and the Band Scope will be attenuated.

Set Audio AGC (BCD996XT and BCD396XT only)

Turn on Automatic Gain Control (AGC) for this system. When you activate this feature, the scanner automatically adjusts the volume for each channel based on the signal strength. You can turn on the gain control for Analog and Digital signals separately.

To change the settings for the audio AGC, see Adjust Audio AGC

Set Record (BCD996XT and BCT15X only)

Set this to On to have the audio from active frequencies included on the scanners rear RECORD OUT jack.

P25 Waiting Time (BCD396XT and BCD996XT only)

During search and Close Call operation, it is possible to have false decode problems that result in digital noise at the beginning of transmissions. To prevent this, a user-configurable P25 wait time (from 0 to 1000 ms) has been added.

During the wait time, the scanner evaluates the received signal; if it detects P25 data, the scanner opens squelch immediately. If it does not detect any P25 data, the scanner opens squelch as soon as the wait time expires.

Note: Any analog transmissions will lose the first part of the transmission, up to the wait time you set here.

Select the number of milliseconds (after the start of a transmission) the scanner should wait while checking for P25 data. Choose a number from 0 through 1000 ms in 100 ms increments. This setting will be applied in Close Call, Quick Search, and Band Scope modes.

This page applies to the following scanner(s): BCD996XT BCD396XT BCT15X BC346XT BC346XTC Users Guide