Setting up the hardware

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What's included

Inside the box you should find:

BCD396XTthumb.png OR BC346XTthumb.png SMAantennathumb.png Batteriesthumb.png ACadapter.png
BCD396XT, BC346XT, or BC346XTC SMA antenna NiMH rechargeable
batteries (3) (not included with BC346XTC)
AC adapter
BNCSMAthumb.png Datacablethumb.png Beltclipthumb.png Wriststrapthumb.png
SMA-to-BNC adapter
for external antennas
Data transfer
Belt clip Wrist strap

The CD contains a static version of the manual that you can use offline. The cover for the battery compartment might be packed separately, also.

If any of these pieces are missing or damaged, contact customer service immediately. Never used damaged equipment.

Install the batteries

Your scanner can use either regular alkaline batteries or rechargeable nickel-metal hydryde (NiMH) batteries.
The batteries that came with your scanner are rechargeable NiMH.(Batteries are not included with the BC346XTC.)

To install the batteries,

  1. Remove the cover from the battery compartment.
  2. Make sure that the charge switch is set to the correct battery type (except BC346XTC):
    • Use the Alkaline setting for any regular or non-rechargeable battery
    • Use the NiMH setting for any rechargeable battery
  3. Make sure the polarity (plus and minus) of each battery matches the diagram inside the compartment.
  4. Replace the battery compartment cover.

Connect the antenna


To connect the antenna, just screw it onto the SMA connector at the top of the scanner.

If you want to use an external antenna, attach the included SMA/BNC adapter to the scanner's SMA connector.

Then, connect your external antenna to the BNC connector.

Note: Always use 50- or 75-ohm, RG-58, or RG-8, coaxial cable and the supplied SMA/BNC adapter to connect an outdoor antenna. If the antenna is over 50 feet from the scanner, use RG-8 low-loss dielectric coaxial cable. Cable loss increases with higher frequency.

Attach the belt clip

Hold the belt clip with the logo facing you and the hinge facing the top of the scanner. Place the clip over the post, and slide the belt clip straight up until you hear it click into place.

BeltclipAttach1.png BeltclipAttach2.png
Place the clip over the post. Slide the clip up into place.

To remove the belt clip
Rotate the scanner so the scanner is bottom-side up. Then slide the scanner straight up until it comes free from the belt clip.

BeltclipRemove1.png BeltclipRemove2.png
Rotate the scanner 180 degrees. Slide the scanner up and off the belt clip.

This page applies to the following scanner(s): BCD396XT BC346XT BC346XTC Users Guide

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