Using BC_VUP Firmware Updater

Uniden updates the operating software (firmware) of its scanner products from time to time to add or change features, fix bugs, and overall to keep our products up-to-date with the latest rules and technologies. Follow the instructions on this page to install the firmware in your scanner using BC_VUP firmware updater (this updater applies only to the following models: BC125AT, BC246T, BC346XT, BCD325P2, BCD396XT, BCD996P2, BCD996XT, BCT15, BCT15X).

1. Run the BC_VUP update software you previously installed. If you did not install it previously, visit Installing BC_VUP

Start Menu

2. Select the model scanner you want to update (<nop>BC125AT in the example below).

Select Model

3. Select the version of firmware you want to install then click NEXT (Usually only the latest is available for selection. Most users will want the highest version)

Select Version

4. Connect your scanner to the PC using the programming cable supplied. IF this is the first time you have connected it, the PC should install the drivers. If the drivers were previously installed, skip to step 6. NOTE: Some older models require manual driver installation. Detailed instructions for those models will be added later.

Setting up

5. Once the drivers are installed, you should see a message like this. NOTE the COM PORT that is shown. You will need it again. (it may not always be COM4)


6. IF you forget the COM port, it is shown in Device Manager under PORTS (type Device Manager in the search bar).

Device Manager

7. Press NEXT in BC_VUP (see image under step 3).


8. Press OK. The PC should then ask for the COM port (the one shown in step 5/6 above). You can usually use AUTO DETECT if you forget what it is.

Select COM port

9. Press NEXT in BC_VUP. BC_VUP will confirm the model and firmware.


10. Press START. The PC will connect to the scanner and start the update process. DO NOT disconnect the USB cable while updating.


11. When the firmware is written, you will see this message:


12. You can now power down the scanner, disconnect the scanner from the programming cable, and can then power up the scanner again. Your firmware is now up to date!