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When you create a new site, the scanner automatically assigns a default site name using the following pattern

where XXX is a 3-digit system index number, YYY is a sequential site number (1 through 256), and TTT is one of the following 3-letter type codes:

Options available for all sites:

You have the following options for sites:

Edit Name

Enter a name or edit the existing one. Names can be 16 characters long, and they can contain upper and lower case letters, punctuation, and spaces. Turn the SELECT-VOLUME-SQUELCH knob on the handheld scanners or the SCROLL / FUNCTION knob on mobile scanners to choose the character you want, then press 6 (right cursor) to move the cursor to the next character.

Set Quick Key

Assign this system or site to a Quick Key so you can easily enable or disable it during scanning. Enter a number from 0 to 99; tap NO (the decimal point) if you don't want to assign this system or site to a Quick Key. (For more information, see Quick Keys.)

Set Startup Key

Assign this system or site to a Startup Key so you can lock or unlock it during power up. Enter a number from 0 to 9; tap NO (the decimal point) if you don't want to assign this system or site to a Startup Key. (For more information, see Startup Keys.)

Set Frequencies

Use this menu to program frequencies for this site.

Set Modulation

Select what type of modulation the scanner should use for this frequency or channel. (Only the modulation types available for this frequency or channel are displayed.)

Auto The scanner uses the default modulation type for this frequency's band.
NFM The scanner treats the frequency as a Narrowband FM band.
FM The scanner treats the frequency as an FM band.

Set Attenuator

Turn on attenuation to reduce the signal strength by 20 dB. This can help to reduce interference and improve reception if you are in an area with high RF levels.

You can turn on attentuation for individual frequencies and channels or for entire sites. If you turn on attenuation for a site, all frequencies within that site will be attenuated.

Set Lockout

Decide whether you want to lock out the site so the scanner will ignore it during Scan and Search modes. Choose one of the following options:

Set Hold Time

Set the minimum number of seconds the scanner should spend checking this system or site even if there is no traffic on any channel. (The scanner always checks each channel in a system or site once even if the hold time is set to 0 seconds.) Select the number of seconds from 0 through 255 (0 is the default).

Set LocationInfo

Use this menu to program location information for this site.

Set State (BCT15X Only)

Sets the U.S. State or Canadian Province associated with the system. If selected, the system will be unlocked when you set the scanner to the state and locked out when you select a different state.

Delete Site

Delete this site and all its settings; this includes any frequencies.

New Site

Create a new site.

Options available for Motorola systems

Edit Band Plan

P25 Waiting Time (BCD396XT and BCD996XT Only)

Options available for P25 systems (BCD396XT and BCD996XT Only)

Edit Band Plan (P25)

Most P25 systems include the band plan information in the control channel data. However, if a system does not include this information, you can program it manually.

The scanner will prompt you for the following information:

Band plan number Select one of the 16 available band plan slots.
Input Base Freq Enter the lower limit of the band frequency. Valid frequencies are between 25.00000 MHz and 1300.00000 MHz at each 5.0 Hz step (25.000000 MHz, 25.000005 MHz, 25.000010 MHz, etc.).
Input Spacing Enter the number of kHz between each channel. Valid spacings range between 125 kHz and 128 kHz at each 125 Hz step (125.000 kHz, 125.125 kHz, 125.250 kHz, etc.)

When you're finished, the scanner renames the band plan in the following pattern:

{band plan number} :{base frequency} / {spacing}

So a band plan label of 6:534.02585/127.750 means this is band plan number 6, with a base frequency of 534.02585 MHz and 127.750 kHz between each channel.

Options available for EDACS systems

Set Site Type

Select Wide (standard) or Narrow according to the EDACS site type.

Volume Offset (EDACS SCAT Only)

The scanner can automatically adjust the volume when it tunes to this channel or frequency. Enter one of the following options:

Softer No Change Louder
-3, -2, -1 0 (default) +1, +2, +3

This page applies to the following scanner(s): BCD996XT BCT15X BCD396XT BC346XT BC346XTC Users Guide