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This section contains the Users Guides and other helpful information for the newest generation of Uniden Bearcat Trunk Tracker scanners, the BCD996XT, BCD396XT, BCT15X, BC346XT, and BC346XTC. This page also has links to the latest Firmware Updates for all Uniden scanners and other helpful scanning resources. We'll be updating this area to include more in-depth instructions for getting things done with your scanner, so check back, often.

Follow the link below to get started with Uniden's latest generation of trunking scanners.


That page contains links to the specific instructions you need to follow to program your scanner, regardless of model.

Links to New Models

Links to software

Firmware Updates Available

Information on firmware updates for the below scanner models is available on this site. For updates to other products, please log in at https://my.uniden.com/ and navigate to the "All My Scanners" page.

Common Questions

Why does audio cut out every 2 or 5 seconds?

You have one of the following modes turned on:

How do I jump directly to a channel?

Use the Channel Number Tag feature. (BC346XT, BCT15X, BCD996XT, and BCD396XT Only.)

Other Resources

Here are some other great resources for information about using our scanners.

Radio Systems Overview -- a basic introduction to how trunked radio systems work.

But_I_just_want_to_listen_to_the_Police.pdf -- another basic trunking tutorial.

Man-Machine Interface -- an article explaining the basics of Uniden's Dynamic Memory Scanners.

RadioReference Logo
RadioReference.com -- the world's largest radio communications reference website, featuring a complete frequency database, trunked radio system information, FCC License assignments and callsign maps, 10-Code Lists, agency maps, files, downloads, links, and detailed agency information for most public safety, military, and local government communications. The Forums area includes discussion groups for region-specific scanning as well as manufacturer and scanning interest categories. The Wiki area includes expanded descriptions of the various scanners available.

Groups.io Groups -- the place for people to meet and discuss just about anything. There is a Group for all of our scanners. The links below will take you to discussion groups for our most recent models:

Uniden Manuals -- Uniden's main repository for printed Owner's Manuals.

Getting Help

Uniden highly recommends you try the web resources listed above when you run into a problem. The members of the scanner community have a collective wealth of knowledge unrivaled by any other resource. Scanner operation can differ not only by where you are, but also by what you want to listen to. Chances are, if you post a question in one of the on-line forums, you'll find a knowledgeable user who has the answer. Uniden also participates in these forums, so you stand a good chance of getting a question answered straight from the source if someone else doesn't beat us to it. If web resources fail, then contact Uniden's product support group; for additional help. For repair issues, you can start a repair request by visiting our online repair form.

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